First-class and personal service

As a small, private and exclusive airline based in Samedan near St. Moritz, we arrange your entire trip according to your wishes while offering maximum service and comfort. We offer a  first-class experience from take off to landing.

Our conveniently located airport in Samedan just outside of St. Moritz reaches all European destinations discreetly and without waiting time.  Our state of the art and versatile Pilatus PC-12 is capable of approaching three times as many airports than the typical business jet. Whether golfing in Saint Tropez or skiing in Courchevel – we can get you there in less time and get you closer to where you want to be. 

Our competent and experienced pilots have many years of experience in flying the Pilatus PC-12 and other business jets. Our pilots hold the Airline Transport Pilot License and are particularly skilled in all mountain areas and specifically the Engadin. 

We look forward to welcoming you aboard our unique and exclusive travel experience.


Duri Joos
Duri JoosCEO, Pilot
The world of aviation has fascinated me since my early childhood. Raised in Samedan, there was hardly a day where I wasn’t at the airport. After my apprenticeship as a pilot in 2004, I have worked for several years for private airlines. My passion for aviation has led me in 2012 to found Air Corviglia AG in my home.
We have made it our goal to be first-class in every way – no matter what we do. With our modern business jet, the «swiss made» Pilatus PC-12, we approach airports all over Europe. It makes me very proud that we were able to gain the trust of our guests with our personal service.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board of Air Corviglia.

Duri Joos, CEO


Space and tranquillity above the clouds
Enjoy freedom and flexibility

Spend time on board the Pilatus PC-12 the way you want. From relaxing in your personal space to conducting business you will be surrounded in luxurious comfort. We invite you to enjoy all the tranquillity of our jet as we get you to your destination.

The PC-12 is a very versatile and powerful business jet. Due to the spacious cabin, it is also excellently suited for family outings. A separate cargo door allows you to take bulky items on board – like skis, bicycles, surfboards or golf bags. Standardly equipped with six seats, the PC-12 easily converts to an 8-seater.

The PC-12 provides an outstanding short-field performance. The plane is equipped with big wheels and therefore one of the few on the market capable of smooth landings even on small airports with unpaved runways.

PilatusPilatus PC12

EngineSingle Engine Turboprop
ManufacturerPratt & Whitney Canada
ModelPT6A-67P Turbine
Thrust / Horse Power1200HP
Max cruise speed519 km/h TAS
Max range2,889 km
Max operating altitude9,144 m
Cabin altitude at 26,000 ft2,438 m
Takeoff distance over 50 ft obstacle808 m
Rate of climb (MTOW)585 m/min
Landing distance over 50 ft obstacle (MLW/reverse)558 m
Stall (MTOW)124 km/h IAS
Max takeoff weight4,740 kg
Max landing weight4,500 kg
Max zero fuel weight4,100 kg
Basic operating weight (includes 200 lb / 91 kg pilot)3,076 kg
Usable fuel (402 gal)1,226 kg
Payload with full fuel (and 200 lb / 91 kg pilot)458 kg

CirrusCirrus SR22

Engine1 Piston 6 Cylinders
Thrust / Horse Power310 HP
Max cruise speed342 km/h TAS
Max range2037 km
Max operating altitude5334 m
Takeoff distance472.14 m
Rate of climb (MTOW)585 m/min
Landing distance over 50 ft obstacle (MLW/reverse)714 m
Stall (MTOW)111 km/h IAS
Max takeoff weight1,542 kg
Max landing weight1,542 kg
Basic operating weight1,099 kg
Usable fuel (92 gal)438 kg
Payload with full fuel191 kg


Europe at your feet

Thanks to the flying range of about 3000 kilometers – up to six-hour flights – you get to every place in Europe while enjoying personal services according to your wishes. Sit back and relax in comfort and luxury as we safely get you to your destination.



Our local partners

Engadin Golf

Engadine Golf Club:
Air Corviglia is official partner and carrier of the golf club

Art Boutique Hotel Monopol

Art Boutique Hotel Monopol:
Our partner for your stay in the heart of St. Moritz

Hotel Edelweiss

Hotel Edelweiss Sils:
Where elegance, culture and tradition are combined with contemporary comfort

Wohnungen Edelweiss

Wohnungen Edelweiss Sils:
For design lovers – smooth living in unspoiled nature


Engadin Airport:
Europe’s highest situated airport is the home base of Air Corviglia


MFG Oberengadin:
The «MotorfluggruppeOberengadin» is the flying partner of Air Corviglia


Exclusive membership

The membership in the Air Corviglia Club allows you to fly to all European destinations with our Pilatus PC-12. We are there for you around the clock and plan each detail of your trip.

We will be happy to provide you with in-depth information about our terms of membership.

Application for membership

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